About Me


Momoko Mashups is a blog of my thoughts and musings on fashion & style, art & design, technology & innovations, sustainability, and how these all transcend into our culture and everyday perceptions. I like to call them mashups.

About Janice Momoko

I traveled around the globe observing, taking photos, and writing all in the effort to understand consumers, culture, and brands. In Tokyo I sought after the latest sho chu spirits, sustainable electronic batteries, talked to the boys and girls who notoriously hang out in Harajuku, chatted with art & fashion students, and visited the denim mills south of Osaka. Whether it’s in my backyard or far across the Atlantic or Pacific, I like to explore new, fun, and fresh experiences.

I am a brand strategy and trends consultant for The Lambesis Agency. Previously I was a brand and design consultant for Levi Strauss.

I live in New York City. I  used to call Tokyo. I’ve studied in San Diego and Paris. I’m originally from Los Angeles.

I love summer, chimpanzees, cherry blossoms, tropical fruit, island-hopping in Thailand, mountain climbing, singing in the car, and art & design. I love passion fruit mint tea.  Someday I want to open a tea and pastry cafe.

Contact: Email me

You can view some work I have done on this website.


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