For The Fashionably Clueless

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I was having a conversation with a digital strategist at one of the most awesome digital agencies in New York about interactive fashion communities and websites and StyleCaster came to mind.  I have been an active user on for nearly a decade. Creating a mock website on CSS/HTML sealed the deal with my intimate relationship with the very first fashion 1.0 site. Then came The Fashion Spot, a.k.a. TFS where I would gather over fashion tips and interact with fellow users. No other fashion magazine site or blog has been able to personalize these features.

So what is StyleCaster? Their mantra is “personal style experience uniquely tailored to your fashion DNA”. They describe themselves as the Web’s first truly personalized, integrated fashion channel, where you receive all news on fashion, beauty, breaking news, celebrity, shopping, and community just for you. It’s really an innovative way to receive news about fashion and join an interactive fashion community, aside from blogs and magazine websites. It’s the first venture into fashion web 3.0.

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How did they come about? Stylecaster officially launched in February 2009. Last week July 1st, StyleCaster raised $4 million in Series A round of financing from investor Dan Gilbert, QuickenLoans.

Who is StyleCaster? There’s really no one person who is the face of StyleCaster, unless you’ve seen the prelaunch video of Jessica Joffe. It’s called “Transformations” and it’s a montage of Joffe getting up and ready for work, and walking through the streets of SoHo. StyleCaster is twofold: it’s a community and an authority.

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You can even get weather and outfit forecasts on the StyleCaster App for the iPhone. “The StyleCaster Daily Look’s application delivers you three fully styled outfits based on your local weather. You can click on the outfit to learn more about it and the style influencers who created it.” What I get from this app is the relevant utility of it. I don’t think women seek to recreate the exact looks they offer, but they can get an idea or two about what to pair with and the local weather forecast. Also, the StyleCaster App features a range of styles to choose from and find its origins. So, when women are just out and about, they can use of the StyleCaster App and find out where to buy the featured item and any local sample sales. It really serves the essence of a mobile app.

StyleCaster App on Facebook

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