‘London’s Love For A Good Garden’

Wallpaper featured an article on Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller, and it seems he like knows what will tantalize shoppers in London. In the past he has filled Tate Britain with bouquets and organized music concerts in the countryside. Would this work for a temporary in-store display? As I’m about to find out Deller doesn’t take his artistic mission lightly.

Clever indeed the creative strategy behind Louis Vuitton’s garden project is to coincide with their latest store opening in the retail island of Westfield in London’s Shepherds Bush.

Deller produced a temporary urban garden with full-body scarecrows to highlight the store’s opening ceremony. Carefully designed to symbolize sustainability and natural energy – the garden brings life to Louis’s latest luxury giant as well as to the usual synthetic mall environment.

Entrenched in the past year and a half with lawsuits in copyright infringement and fraudulent art, this is an interesting way to build up a luxury giant through a social cause. In parallel with economic responsibility, Deller’s botanical presentation will be donated to the Hammersmith Community Gardens Project. Do you think ‘London’s love for a good garden’ is a philanthropic act that is well suited for Louis Vuitton?


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