Hearts of Jolly for Topshop Unique


My eyes glazed over for minute when I saw the Topshop Unique Spring 2009 collection which debuted just moments ago. Fortunately for the ones who didn’t enjoy the looks from the girlfriends of Depeche Mode, Bananarama, and other synth pop duos of 1982, today we saw a glimpse of just that. Girls in giant bow-tied headwraps, the stonewashed denim, and all the kitschy fifties influences that fueled a particular point in new wave history of London music and fashion. The heart prints, jumpsuits, parachute silk batwing tops, and trenches of all lengths were reworkings of new wave tailoring. With an infectious palette of the flavors of gelato, the bouncy jolly pieces hit several high notes in Brit high-fashion. Headed by Karen Bonser, the Topshop team has indeed ensured a successful outcome of eighties goodness. This array of giddy and playful pieces was the perfect order for the Topshop girl.


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One Response to “Hearts of Jolly for Topshop Unique”

  1. ishquez Says:

    nice post!

    you need to blog on a more consistent basis because your post are right on cue.

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