American Apparel on the cheap this Sunday–LA a la mode

And I was thinking today, LA couldn’t get anymore exciting, American Apparel decides to throw the annual Factory Flea Market this Sunday, July 27.  Of course AA is headquartered in LA’s garment district, and I usually go there to get my AA shirts and skirts for mucho cheap, for only $5 a piece on Friday afternoons until 4pm.  This Sunday, they’ve added a Sebastian Tellier live and DJ THEM JEANS on the tables all day until midnight.  Pretty much doesn’t Mark the Cobra Snake come free with the sleeze? 

Moving on it doesn’t get anymore rad-der (is that a word?) for AA merchandise for as low as a $buck! Plus there’s a custom-shoe booth by Tom’s shoes–I’m very curious about this. Will there be a cut-out sandal plus sneaker sole stiletto combination? I thinking i’m whetting my panties!!! Perhaps someday MOCA artists will on the AA roster. Yay for the California Select Vintage merch and juice for kids with arts and crafts.  I also hear a bbq slip-n-slide is in supreme order.

Me thinks this will be a very special fun Sunday! Time to stock up on lame tights, body con dresses, leotards, tri-blend tees, ruffle blouses and more. I know I won’t break the piggy bank.

American Apparel Factory, 7th St. & Alameda St. Los Angeles, CA


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2 Responses to “American Apparel on the cheap this Sunday–LA a la mode”

  1. GlenS Says:

    just meandered in….

    Looking for something else, but fine website. All the best….

  2. janice momoko Says:

    thanks! i hope you found what you’re looking for!

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