Grit Glamourous

If you’re a wanderer like me, you know that walking in Downtown LA is a little twisty.  It’s posh and pretty in some places, while grimy and dirty with a touch of street characters in others.  Strolling down Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall, I walk down Grand Avenue to MOCA, an area so nicely perched on a hill.  Dare to venture down from Bunker Hill, like say going to the Mike & Chris sample sale like I did during lunch a few weeks ago, and you find yourself on Broadway.  It’s like Roppongi in Tokyo, a completely different place.  You soon begin to hear Gloria Estefan on karaoke, stores spill out into the sidewalks, Prado (Prada!) handbats, a gazillion of electronics are for sale, and three amigos share shots of tequila over tire-size ashtray under the lazy noon sun.  As the avenues advance 7th, 8th and 9th, I reach the famed Orpheum Theater where LA once had a roaring opera scene, has long lost its glamour to grit, beside a fruit stand.

In the Greenwich Village, “Sarah Jessica Parker is bemoaning the loss of a city that many say she has helped push out. As trendy bars and boutiques take over Manhattan’s corner bodegas and laundermats, the famously stiletto-heeled “Sex and the City” star laments the loss of grit for glamour in New York.” But what fun would it be without our favorite glamour girls strutting their stuff all over Manhattan?  Fantasy it was, the movie is everything I love about NYC.  Word of advice, don’t blink when watching the movie.  The styles changed so quickly, one blink and you’ll miss Carrie styled to perfection. I saw a Nina Ricci tutu, Dries van Noten dresses, Peter Som chemisiers, Balenciaga platform sandals…me likes! (Can anyone tell me who makes the white rosette zipper jacket and satin shift Carrie wears in the last scene? I’d love to know!)


Grit glamourous, as I call it, became a photo shoot competition for America’s Next Top Model.  Yes, it’s a guilty pleasure indeed, and recently I found out by boyfriend watches it with his best buddy roomie all the time! Shhh…! Tyra put a spotlight on homeless youth and the girls posed for a photo shoot with real homeless youth. The shoot was awk-ward and entertaining at the same time.  So wrong! Imagine what the real homeless people were thinking?  I walk by homeless in Downtown all the time and I think they’d rather eat a nice big lunch, not be in a photo shoot with these model hopefuls.  In this twisted fashion world, somehow living on the streets involves personal stylists and perfectly tilted rag doll-style ski caps!

SJP laments what was once the City’s grit’s past, but I think the true lost is lamenting over a Downtown LA’s glamourous past!


One Response to “Grit Glamourous”

  1. kay Says:

    jacket –> custom made by the costumer design team. vintage givenchy jacket deconstructed, couple with a leather jacket

    dress –> nina ricci shift dress

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